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Custom Tattoo Machines

Hand-Crafted By Tony Urbanek

Tony Urbanek turbanek Custom Tattoo Machines Parts turbanek custom tattoo machines .HEIC
turbanek tattoo machines.HEIC

Meet Tony Urbanek,
Tattoo Machine Builder Extraordinaire

Tony Urbanek has been a prominent name in the tattoo machine-building industry for over 20 years. His coil tattoo machines are hand-crafted and trusted by top tattoo artists around the world.  If you are creating world-class art on your clients, you want to use a world-class machine.  The best tattoo artists use Turbanek machines. Scroll through his Instagram for inspiration and contact Tony today to order your own one-of-a-kind tattoo machine. 

Ready to order your next tattoo machine? Message Tony for pricing, availability, and design ideas.

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